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About us

Once Upon A Times is the brainchild of Cathy Beck and Julie Lefebve.


They met when Cathy was a successful PR, representing many popular figures in the entertainment industry and Julie, a leading journalist, was editing magazines and interviewing all those famous names. Their career paths ran parallel for almost thirty years. 


In 2013, Cathy sadly lost both her parents and the remaining younger members of her family. Unfortunately her brother, cousins and so on, weren’t too hot on detail when it came to asking about the family stories behind the photos she was left with and deeply treasures.


Over the past few years since they passed, it became clear that the opportunity of sitting down with them and recording all the wonderful stories and moments in their lives for posterity had sorely been missed.  


While there have been many ‘kick-yourself’ moments for Cathy, they became the spur for setting up Once Upon A Times. 


And Julie leapt at the chance to join her, realising that this was the perfect gift solution to all big dates be they birthdays, anniversaries or any other celebrations.

The rest, as they say, can be your history.

(Cathy & Julie circa 1985)

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