Why choose Once Upon a Times?


We all have enough stories and memories to last a lifetime.

And so many that you could probably write a book about them.


That’s where we come in.

Once Upon a Times will feature the story of your life in a variety of beautifully designed, hand-made options.


Your biography will capture all of the stories and memories from your unique life.


Because it's a biography that is all about you.

We offer a variety of wonderful ways in which to record your life.

From a simple interview recorded on tape and transcribed into your personal story.

To filming your own words and pictures in a documentary style including photo archives and the mementos you love.


It’s your life.  You design it the way you want it to be.

We are a dedicated and professional team of creative

writers and researchers.


Whether it is the whole of your life story or parts of it,

we have a tailor-made option for you.


And for your family to share. Forever. 


Once Upon A Times

Because you only live once.